Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Services

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See the Results of Your Support

Our Young Families are:
  • More likely to have full-term babies
  • Have Healthy-weight babies
  • Many babies are breastfed when they leave the hospital.
  • Knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting!
  • More likely to return to school after delivery!
  • Using a reliable form of birth control after delivery!
  • Planning to prevent 2nd, unplanned pregnancies!
  • Invested in their child’s development & future
  • Knowledgeable about healthy parenting skills
  • Reading to their children!
 Why You Should Partner In Our Mission

Young families can, AND DO, succeed, but they often need extra support from friends, family, and their community.

Be part of their success, and donate to Samara's Village today. The work you support helps young families finish high school, work toward a college degree, and become financially self-sufficient.

​This makes our community stronger and healthier! Thank you for your support!