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Samara’s Village assists with meeting immediate needs and connection to community resources.

Immediate Needs: Our Resource Center maintains an inventory of commonly needed items, such as diapers, wipes, children’s lightly used or new clothing, formula, and infant equipment and supplies. Participants have access to these items through their Home Visitor.

Assistance Needs: Our Home Visitors help with
  • Obtaining valid identification, social security cards and birth certificates
  • Preparing for and enrolling in WIC and Medicaid

Connection to Resources: We have many community partners and resources for referrals to trained professionals for breastfeeding, childbirth, and infant care. In addition, we are able to make referrals for mental health services.

Infant & Toddler Library: We encourage our participants to read to their child in utero and continue on throughout those early years. Our Library also has many books for the new parents on pregnancy and childhood development.
We use the Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum, a nationally and internationally recognized evidence-based model, for our teen parent program. Trained home visitors coach the young mother through pregnancy, delivery, and parenting until their child is 3 years old. The research-informed content in the Partners curriculum addresses a wide range of topics associated with the goals of our home visit program including:

  • Improved prenatal health;
  • Positive parenting enhanced child health and development;
  • Infant mental health;
  • Continuing education;
  • Economic self-sufficiency; and
  • Family stability.

​“Fatherhood” specific items are discussed with expecting and parenting fathers in the home-visit environment monthly. This may be done in coordination with the mother or separately.
 Our Fatherhood program follows the 24/7 Dad curriculum created by the National Fatherhood Initiative. Our Fatherhood Mentors provide tools to young fathers that will help them be involved, responsible and committed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In other words – Be a Dad Who Stays in the Mix!

The program covers the 5 characteristics of a 24/7 Dad:

  • Self-awareness,
  • Caring for self,
  • Fathering skills,
  • Parenting skills and
  • Relationship skills.

Our fatherhood program focuses on promoting a more positive, healthy attitude regarding fatherhood and parenting. Individual meetings are conducted with fathers over a 1 ½ year period.