Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Services


  1. Immediate Need
    Need a friend, a support advocate, we are there for you!
  2. Family Support
    This is a stressful time! Our family support team is here to help you and it is FREE!
  3. Pregnancy & Parenting
    We utilize an evidence-based home visiting program that is proven to Educate, Equip and Empower you to guide your future.
  4. 24/7 Dad
    A fatherhood program designed to encourage dads to be involved in their child's life. Be a Dad in the mix!.
  5. Educational Support
    We have a "Computer Lounge" where you can further your education online or receive tutoring from our qualified volunteers.

Immediate Need and Referral Assistance

Not only does Samara’s Village assist with meeting an immediate need, participants are also encouraged to evaluate how they can potentially meet that need independently, develop a plan to do so, and support is provided as they execute that plan.

Assistance obtaining valid identification, social security cards and birth certificates
Assistance with preparing for and enrolling in WIC and Medicaid
Referrals and assistance obtaining medical care
Referrals for legal assistance
Referrals for rape crisis services

Pregnancy & Parenting Education

Trained staff members implement an evidenced-based home visit program on a monthly basis with young mother and young father participants.

Partners for a Healthy Baby: This curriculum is designed to support a systematic approach to planning and conducting effective home-visits and is utilized with young pregnant and parenting mothers. A mother can participate in this program from pregnancy until her child is 3 years old, by meeting with a program facilitator and discussing various topics monthly.

Fatherhood/Partners for a Healthy Baby: “Fatherhood” specific items are discussed with expecting and parenting fathers in a home-visit environment monthly. This may be done in coordination with the mother or separately.

Family Support

Family Support Counseling: A bi-monthly, intensive “family support meeting” is conducted which includes all individuals the participant considers to be part of his/her immediate support system.

Experienced support professionals are able to support you and your family.

Educational Support

At Samara’s Village educational support  comes in the form of a "computer lounge" or “family room” type of environment. Participants are able to bring their children, if necessary, and continue pursuing their education  through tutoring conducted by peers and qualified volunteers. Whileyou are in this space you can focus on building not only intellectual skills, but also time-management skills and learn how to juggle parenting a child with another task.

24/7 Dad (coming soon)

This curriculum is broken into two parts: A.M. and P.M and focus on promoting a more positive, healthy attitude regarding fatherhood and parenting. Group meetings are conducted bi-weekly (A.M) or monthly (P.M), with fathers over a 1 ½ year period of time by a male “fatherhood advocate.”